Entangle 1.01

Entangle is used for creating collections of boards for Tangle. In this document, familiarity with Tangle itself is assumed.


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In Entangle you are editing the board that is currently visible. When Entangle starts, it will display a board that is not part of any collection. This can be good for practicing, but there is no way to save that board.

To create and edit collections you will have to use the menu (described below). Once a collection is open you can move through it's boards using the arrow buttons at the top of the display. Boards are automatically saved when you change boards or exit Entangle. New boards are created as needed during navigation.

The Palm database file of your created puzzles can be found in your Backup folder after Hotsync. It will be named TnglName (where Name is the title of your level).

A collection consists of the following parts:

  • title
  • password (optional)
  • strings (optional)
  • boards of type square, hex, triangle, web, or kite

When editing, the board interface is almost the same as Tangle's save in the following ways:

  • tapping twice on an empty square will allow you to create and item or token.
  • tapping twice an unattached item or token will allow you to delete it.
  • items can be more freely dragged around the board.
  • dragging or tapping far away from a selected token causes it to erase lines./li>
  • tapping one step away from the selected token will cause it to draw a line.

Menu Commands

entangle menu New Collection - create a new collection specifying a title, preferences, and optional password.
Open Collection - open an existing collection by name.
Rename Collection - rename an existing collection that is not open for edit.
Move Board - move the current board to another location.
Delete Board - delete the current board.
Revert Board - revert to the last saved board state.
Add String - add a string to the collection's string list.
Remove String - remove the last string in the collection's string list.
Show Strings - print a crude list of the strings in this collection.
Sound Designer - just a form for developing simple sounds, not useful for board design.

Known Issues

1. When a new collection is created it has no boards, which could cause problems if it is loaded in Tangled before being opened in Entangle to create at least one board.
2. If you edit a board that is currently active in Tangle then Tangle will get confused about the state of the board when it reloads the board (possibly crashing), so you should load a collection in Tangle other than the one you are editing before leaving Tangle to run Entangle. Switching collections in Tangle will correctly reload the board.

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