History of Water Script
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modified by Russ Webb on  2004-04-22 20:47:20

Author - William A. Gode-von Aesch
Email: godefax@bigfoot.com

Summary: Water & Wastewater Unit Conversions

Instructions: This is a very simple conversion utility based upon the same idea and concept as the "Convert" script.  I simply changed the conversion factors to suit my needs.  Due credit should go to the Author of "Convert" who is unfortunately unknown
to me.

The "Water" script converts the following units:

cfs<->AFD (cubic feet per second <-> acre-feet per day)
cfs<->AFH (cubic feet per second <-> acre-feet per hour)
cfs<->gpm (cubic feet per second <-> gallons per minute)
gal<->AF (gallons <-> acre-feet)
cfs<->MGD (gallons <-> millions of gallons per day)
cf<->AF (cubic feet <-> acre-feet)


RPN.2+2 \ Water
"[cfs:\Converts acre-feet per day\to cubic feet per
"AFD]:\Converts cubic feet per second\to acre-feet per
"[cfs:\Converts acre-feet per hour\to cubic feet per
"AFH]:\Converts cubic feet per second\to acre-feet per
"[cfs:\Converts gallons per minute\to cubic feet per second"#'448.05'/;
"gpm]:\Converts cubic feet per second\to gallons per minute"#'448.05'*;
"[gal:\Converts acre-feet to gallons"#'325850.58'*;
"AF]:\Converts gallons to acre-feet"#'325850.58'/;
"[cfs:\Converts millions of gallons per\day to cubic feet per
"MGD]:\Converts cubic feet per second\to millions of gallons per
"[cf:\Converts acre-feet to\cubic feet "#'43560'*;
"AF]:\Converts cubic feet to\acre-feet"#'43560'/;