Health Script
Webb - all rights reserved - ©2004
Author - Oscar Gonzales

Summary: Calculate percentage body fat and body mass index

Instructions: To set variable, put number in display register
then press appropriate lower case key.  To see
results press upper case key.  
ht: Set height in inches or centimeters.
wt: Set weight in pounds or kilograms.
neck: Set neck measurement right below the adams apple.
waist: Set waist; men at navel, women at smallest.
hips: WOMEN ONLY Set hips at maximum.
mode: Set ENGLISH or METRIC mode.
view: Display variable.
clear: Clear variables.

M%:  Show Males percentage body fat.
F%:  Show females percentage body fat.
BMI: Show Body Mass Index

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RPN.1.q+1 \ Health
[m] 1;

"_ht: \Enter height." Xa;
"_wt: \Enter weight." Xb;
"_neck: \Enter neck, below adams apple." Xc;
"_waist: Enter waist;\At navel for men.\At minimum for women." Xd;
"_hips(f): \Enter hips at maximum.\(Women only)" Xe;
"M%: Show male % body fat.\2-4:necc.  5-13:athl.  14-17
fit\18-25:accept          25+:obese"
"F%: Show female % bodyfat.\10-12:necc 14-20:athl
21-24:fit\25-31:accept          32+:obese"

"BMI: Get Body Mass Index\<18 or >26 : Unhlthy,19-21:best\  21-23:good
-- 23-26:Avg. "
"mode: Set measurement

"view: Show variables"D'Show which?|ht|wt|neck|waist|hips|'1+x@;
"clear: Clear all variables"0Xa0Xb0Xc0Xd0Xe;