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How do I enter my registration code?  I can't find the Get Info menu.
    1. Put the number on the stack just like any other number.
    2. Press enter.
    3. Press the menu button/key on your device (or tap the top left corner of the display) to bring up the menus.

What do I do if I receive protocol errors trying to HotSync version 3.5+ of RPN to my Palm?
    Try installing version 3.55 or later.

I updated to 3.60 and the "Convert -> temp" feature doesn't work (as expected)
     - Update to 3.61 and it seems better. However it seems that the functionality of the improved "Convert" methods is quite different than the previous versions, and is not obvious. There should be some explanation.

    - There is a separate "Temp" script that seems to behave somewhat more intuitively.