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Naming Pages
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The most important part of creating a new page is choosing a good title.  The title is difficult to change later as it is the way the other pages make references to your new page.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Choose names that are unlikely to be needed for another purpose.  For instance, you could make a page for your favorite hints.  Calling it "Hints" is a poor choice if other members are likely to want to make hint pages for themselves or on other topics.  There may well be a "Hints" page that lists all the other hint pages, but a better name for your hints page would be "Jack's Hints" or "Programming Hints".

2. Capitalize your page titles.  This is a style choice of course, but the choice has been made and the coweb will read more easily with a consistant style.

3. Do not concatinate all your words together like is DoneInSomeCowebsForTitles.  Those titltes are hard to read.  They could be auto expanded, but they aren't here.  Again this is a style and implementation choice.

4. Make undefined links whenever you think of a topic that could use some coverage in the coweb even if you aren't planning to define the page.  This way when the page or one like it is defined your writing is structured around page titles already.  Plus '?' links encourage other members to contribute by filling in the details.

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