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These controls are found in the bar on the left side of this webpage.

Available to everyone.
home logo - click the link or the logo to go to the main page.
find - search the titles and contents of all pages.
goto - go directly to a specific page, case-sensitive.
history - show all the recorded changes for this page.
links from - show which pages link to this one.
printable - remove the control bar to print the page.
login - login to your account so you can edit pages.

Available only to logged in members.
what's new - lists what pages have changed since you last cleared the list.
upload - upload a file to reference in the coweb.
edit - edit the current page.
monitor - add or remove yourself from the list of people monitoring changes on this page.
Your Name - get stats on your usage, change your email or password.
logout - logout of the coweb.  Within the same browser on the same machine you will stay logged in until you logout.